Saturday, January 27, 2018

upcoming race IRONMAN Nice

Dieses Jahr verschlägt es mich in Sachen IRONMAN nach Nizza. Am 24. Juni geht es dort über die volle Distanz. Bin froh, die Strapazen nicht gänzlich alleine durchstehen zu müssen und Profi-Triathlet Oliver MG (MEX) als Coach gewonnen zu haben. Danke auch an el Presidente für die Verlängerung der DTU-Lizenz. 

This year I'm in IRONMAN to Nice. On the 24th of June, the race is over the full distance. I'm glad I did not have to go through all the hardships on my own and have won professional triathlete Oliver MG (MEX) as coach. Thanks also to el Presidente for renewing the DTU license.

 Scenery of th IM Nice (FRA). The swimstart is right behind the habor, bike-course goes uphill into the Alps 2490 metres of elevation in sum.The run-split is done on the Promenade des Anglais.

Este año estoy en IRONMAN a Niza. El 24 de junio, la carrera es más larga. Me alegro de no haber tenido que enfrentar todas las dificultades por mi cuenta y haber ganado al triatleta profesional Oliver MG (MEX) como entrenador. Gracias también a el presidente por renovar la licencia DTU. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

off season 2017

shadows become longer and last competitions are done here in CE. after "time trial" to BCN, well, there had not been so many corns left to be fired, few corns, which had been blown in the mountains (alps). 

The article added is about freeletics in the vertical. For encryption use smart-phone application, please. 

! Happy training and see you soon !

Thursday, August 17, 2017

From Nuremberg (Germany) to Barcelona (Spain) – 1800k or 14 days with flip-flops only

Dear readers, like frequently mentioned on this blog IRONMAN became lifestyle, posing and exaggeration of personality. It is not that those “iron-clowns” are idiots, more it is money-business they follow.

So for many years already I hoped to do something else as a hobby or as a semi-pro. The idea to go cycle to Barcelona with flip-flops has the origin in my fiancées family live there. Flip-Flops are the shoes on the Philippines. So I simply put it together and started with an old trekking-bike bought by my dad in the late of the Eighties.

For the route I used airplane-navigation mode (on sight). So I followed the Franconian lakes to the river of Danube, followed Danube to its source to go South from there until to the river of Rhine. Then I followed the Rhine till Basel, where I swam through the city and had an alcoholfree beer at the Suisse military base there after. From Switzerland I headed the French and not the Swiss Jura. French Jura is farer in kilometers but less in maximum altitudes. Following the river of Ain I by-passed Lyon in the East in order to south again at the river of Rhone, surrounded Montpellier in the North to break through to the French coast at Lespingon. From there I headed the Pyreenes having had the Mistral as a companion.

All the trip the weather was good but subtropical and sometimes tropical heat in degrees of temperature in the Mediteranean. Finally I arrived at Costa Brava for the final kilometers at tourist area, easy pace to Barcelona, where me I myself was welcomed very warmly. Thank you for this this way on here and friends also.

arrival in Barcelona (central)

here, this is the tours data:

M 31st  of July: 131k / 7:14 hrs
T   1st  of August: 148k / 7:53 hrs
W  2nd: 133k / 7:31 hrs
T  3rd : 137k / 6:51 hrs
F  4th : 48k / 2:48 hrs (half day off / swam through Basel)
S  5th : 128k / 7:02 hrs
S  6th : 134k / 6:55 hrs

half-time at the region of Lyon, sum 1st week:  859 k

M 7th : 115k / 5:44 hrs
T  8th : 61k / 2:55 hrs (half-day off  / struggled with thunderstorm)
W  9th : 134k / 6:02 hrs
T  10th: 124k / 6:10 hrs
F  11th : 150k / 8:02 hrs
S  12th: 127k / 6:31 hrs
S  13th: 147k / 7:44 hrs
M 14th : 81k / 4:04 hrs

sum: 1798k

All the navigation has not been done by any electronical devices. I asked soldiers, policemen, locals, travellers, tourists or let's simply say just people for routing. My map was not that much detailed, so in some areas compass (a compass with a needle made out of iron...) was useful to switch to. The loadings on the bike had been 20 kilogramm. The route was hilly mostly and flat areas had been very seldom. I slept in the open nature, four times at a camping-place. Meals were prepared by a simple cooker, sometimes I joined the good kitchens of Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain. Best kitchen in my humble opinion is the Philippinian...- like I had in Barcelona.

If you are wanted to be given an adivce, well, just do. All you need are three things: food, shelter and fuel… - and beer! 

Now back here in Germany paperwork is waiting to be done and also preparation for the marathon in Frankfurt on the Main late in October. My leg's muscle is ok now, so proper training should work again.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Challenge Roth 2017

This year yeah again Roth was host for the world to be in Roth. Also in 2017 the world biggest event in triathlon was celebrated at 9th of Juli. There had been athletes from 97 countries and also jetset-people stepped in for to party together with 250000+ spectators on the swim-start, the courses especially solary hill, where 30000 people gathered, and also in Roth central, where the marathon had been executed. A big event, and like every year the fireworks had been started when the last finisher crossed the finish-line in the stadium after the magical of 226k. 
What about local heros? What about top-professionals? Well, there are so many stories to be mentioned that actually even pictures are not sufficient to get fetch impressions. The only way, I am afraid, is to come to Roth next year 2018, when the world 36 best triathletes on ironman-distance also join-in.

swim-start. for more pictures match Challenge Roth...

This year I was invited by Don Indi (CEO at hardtseemafia.de) for be an active athlete in one of his relay teams. My job was to start at 8:50 AM and go make result along the 3,86k in the water. Surprisingly our biker could not start, and even more surprisingly we got an a-amateur to do the most long time trial 180,2k. He was supposed to be even more fast. So also for runner Alex, who needed to run the full marathon-distance 42,2k there was a little pressure on us as sub9 and top-ten result seems within range.

Rather nervous I got on Saturday. Biker Flo made it to the peek and checked in his bike some very few minutes before bike check-in closing time. Sure, we had been there on time and Flo needed to adjust his Scott Plasma, an oldie but goody, to perfection. So after our equipment was all in position by the help of relay-manager Pat, and mission briefing again done by Alex, we, our team, we all went home to sleep well.

The next day was perfect, but humid. Cloudy, otherwise it would be a hard race. Surprisingly when me, I myself Micho, went to the start, biker Flo wasnt within transition-zone 1. However, not irritated, i started clocking 1:32 min/sec the first k, took out speed a little and accelerated again the last 1,5k, before I sprinted to Flo, who was waiting in full aero-jacket to take off my transponder-chip and motivated to cause surprise!!! After a 1hrs 4min swim-split, Flo managed a bike-ride of 4 hrs 14min and even now, according to my systems, it was the fasted bike-ride done on Sunday. As you can see here:

We made it! sub9! The four of us! relay-manager Pat, swimmer Micho, biker Flo and runner Alex.

As you can see it was not much time left. Flo and me had been allowed to escort Alex the final 400m onto the red-carpet. After a hard and hilly marathon we pushed him to full-sprint to make result reality. Unfortunately there are no good pictures and livestream available. If, sure, it`ll be edited. It was a great finish. Alex in the middle, followed by Flo carrying the supporters back-pack to his right and me to his left in flip-flops holding the national flag of Thailand in order to greet Jürgen Zäck, former Roth champion and friend of Don Indi and thus Hardtseemafia, who married and lives in Thailand/Phuket. A good adress for late season action and training-camp.

Later the athletes gathered for food in a big tent and celebration together. Happily we can say good bye to Roth and see you again next year. Thank you to all the 7000 helpers who made 4500 active athlets go rocking, thank you to Don Indi this way also, thank you to all the spectators, regards to my team-mates from Franconian-Club, who did party also, thank you very much to all the nice people there, an international audience of the triathlon's best people, fans, friends, family, who bring our sports to its peek one time a year. 

*more stories and pictures might follow

Monday, June 26, 2017

race report TERMINAL 90 TEAM - at festival Lake of Rothsee

First of all, for all, athletes, team-mates and supporters it had been a nice day, Sunday 25th of July 2017. 

Thus thank you to the organizers, who did very well in creating a good race, including support and entertainment, as well thanks to all the helpers, who made this triathlon-event go. Event, atmosphere, kind people, having met acquaintances, friends and fans joined-in, family with us, well, this all made us feel great and we knew we will have a nice day all part of the triathlon family. 

beergarden race after

Like mentioned before it has been a "Schnapsidee", an idea born out of having a Schnaps, liquid high-percentage alcoholics, to register as TERMINAL 90 TEAM, so well, how to say it? May be like this: actions are louder than words! 

On Sunday I was altered 5.22 AM and needed to go for to start check-in proceedure. The referees had been strict, thus equipment 100% oki was allowed only to be taken to the start. The field was launched at 10.05 AM, with Heiko in the leading group the first 500m. Despite of water was slow, neo-suit forbidden and also as of the course had been much more longer than 1,5k, Heiko had been among top 15 after the swim-split. Thus 1st discipline went not too bad. It was our own fault transition 1 was suboptimal, thus we lost important time and sure we need to exercise those routines. Somehow overmotivated, me, I had been pushing too hard the first 10k on bike having overtaken 7-8 athletes of our category, so when the course came to its cruxes I needed to go beyond limits but lost 2-3 positions again. Fighting against the very strong wind that day I was close to puke when the bike-split was finished after transition two. Then, it had been Heiko´s turn again to make good result go work by having made an awesome tactital 10k-run. A little overmotivated also for the first k - at a two round hilly 5k-course - he went in unbelievable 3:18 min sec, pushed fruther and uphill like hell, and was pushed by friends and family in order to make concurrents keep distance. Finanlly, the clock stopped at 2 hours and 23 minutes. We finished 7th and had made a good job.

results, no reasons 
(click to enlarge)

annotation: we did not train specially for that race, so may be next year it is needed to go faster. TERMINAL 90 might be there with TEAMs the next season, where it is planned to make good pictures for sure. Be prepared - we'll also.

Monday, June 12, 2017

relay at triathlon of Rothsee

dear readers,

unfortunatelly, I was injured while in military mode at military base by my own high-kick the last week, and thus a muscle in my right leg needs break. Therefore it wasn't possible to compete short distance in Kallmünz, a very romatical town in Germany close to Regensburg, where CHALLENGE Ratisbona is going to be celebrated for the 2nd time.

Hindi bale! that is Philippinian for: doesn't matter. As of meanwhile i need to write about a topic of interest I like a lot  at University, thus a break is not that much a bad idea and for sure I had been in Kallmünz, where imho the world's most finest triathlon had been done last Saturday, for taking pictures, fishing and having a beer, for to twaddle to people and athletes and for to motivate athletes on the tracks.

You are once upon a time in Kallmünz? Do not miss to see the middle-aged ruin.

The next competition is a relay with mi amigos y compañeros Heiko and Domi G. at short-distance event at the lake of Rothsee, with Domi not yet fit as of food poisoning, who does recover as well. At least Heiko is fit yes year, already. However, yesterdays time trial training was good and thus I believe we can go for the time registered in as TERMINAL 90 TEAM to-ten result. Regards to our sponsor witherein.
Bildergebnis für terminal 90 
The official logo of our "inofficial" (...) sponsor. //.

♪♪♪ ¡Yéke Yéke! ♪♪♪

Greetings from the air-base of Grafenberg to the town of Nuremberg and to where ever you are. So let´s see how we all do perform. Press thumbs for us all to make keep staying safe and healthy, and pray for us to make a good performance at Rothsee-Triathlon (http://www.rothsee-triathlon.de/) two weeks ahead from now on.

Yours sincerely,


P.S.: written by the Geschwafelmeister (a ka el Labarito) in cooperation with the Geschwadermeister (a ka PR-Heiko)

P.P.S.: fully resposible for the bla bla bla, blubb blubb and blubb on here is me, and also the owner of this blog: www.dnf-is-no-option.com, where i am a free employee who does work within the parameters of the state´s contract of the Ferderal Republic of Germany / regards to kai baumgartner this way also..

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

RUN! Pool opening 2017 in LAUF!

RUN! Into the cinema!, in order to watch Ridley Scott's new movie and see the xenomorphs, who do make the poor colonists make run. 

Finally Hollywood (Los Angeles / (L.A.) discovered LAUF an der Pegnitz, Germany, our home town here, that literally translated means RUN. 20th Century Fox studios wrote to and signed in here and contacted the local press in order to make some advertisement for the new A L I E N movie directed by Sigourney Weaver. Why? As the crew of a spaceship landed on a planet somewhere in the outer galaxy, well, finally those humans had to RUN, had to run away and escape from the xenomorphs the cruel way. 

Among the people in run!, Lauf at the river of Pegnitz, well, this  analogy is nothing new and even in the early stage of the eighties last century there was relay-competition called LAUF DURCH LAUF, than means literally RUN TRUH RUN a lot of sportsmen took part those days. 

Originally the name Lauf does not come from sport, but from water. The name comes from the inclination of the nature's profile here, thus here in Lauf the river has power downhill. Middle-age smiths had been the first who used water power. Later other craftsmen moved here into and finally, also as of the beauty, the Emperor himself kept stayed from time to time when on his way Western in his castle. 

Here in Lauf the river sourrounds the Castle of the Emperor (Kaiserburg), which water is jammed in order to make craftsmens machines go and to produce electricity nowadays.

Lauf is traditionally connetcted to water. Today we do not only have historical buildings hooked to the element, but also modern facilities. Our pool most modern was opened the last week-end this year as of the ongoing outdoor season. So some of us gathered for the first outdoor-training and we agreed to make picture for the local newspaper also. Sure it wasn´t posing only. And sure we did not need Hollywood set-up. No time for that! What we needed was to do something for our money we do not get, thus after warming-up we swam a progressive 3x100m intervall 2' push up wall (1' 19'', 1'18'' and 1'15'') in order to set a first mark.

Some friends gathered and set there being pictured for the local news as of the pool opening this year.

So finally, with a delay of two weeks as of the bad weather, the pool is open now and sportsmen, swimmers and triathletes, go run (...) training outdoors. Like predicted this week summer might come to Central Europe first time this year also, so that if so after training sunbathing is possible, drinking coffee also, having cake, beer and bbq.

If you are interested in win a T-Shirt originally born in Hollywood just contact me by using the e-mail adress on this that blog. The movie A L I E N Covenant  starts in Germany 19th of May.