Friday, March 24, 2017

on tri society has to be

Meanwhile the new season becomes rolling. Athletes are going to be fit and fitter. Weight is reduced, the body is formed more and more as of training abroad e.g. on the Canarian Islands also, like on Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria or even Teneriffa. People are going to look good - a core value of our sports.

However, triathlon more and more became commercial. It became money-business. And folks pay huge amounts of money to be on tri. Like for example in a recent magazine triathlon-bikes are advertised. Have a guess? Well, the cheapest bike is 5000 US $. And this is it. It is no longer who you are, it is what you own. This is ashaming. 

So it is not to have fun to move the body. It is to have fun of what one possesses: my time-trial bike, my compression-socks, my swim-coach, my personal coach, my new watch for 500 US $ measuring the most not needed details even professionals give a sheet on, and also my diet worthy a hundrets of dollars of for the right nutrination monthly. How bizzare! Amateurs spend more money than professionals.. And what the hell is it for? Well, it is not for the people starving at the Horn of Africa these days, for sure. So what? Does one go for ironman-distance as of passion, social motives, pioneering spirit and adventure? No, not these days. But for the need of exaggeration of an "awesome" personality proved by the hanging of the finisher-medal in the office colleagues have to admire. 

In former times one could have been proud to be triathlete by unterstatement, by making the body steallike, by doing the impossible and simply by being part of. Nowadays a true triathlete might better be silent concerning passion? Why? As it isn´t understood anymore. The "uncool" people discovered our sport and are exploited by sport-industries. Now as for to finish one can buy an all-around-saftey-package, finish garanteed inclusive. So do not worry about exhaustion - be sure it is not triathlon but an event, and thus the helpers of the orga-team pick you up at K15 in order to transport you to K42 so one can run the last 200 metres with a big smile smiling into finishline's camera raising arms in order to prove to be a winner. And is it? And what is it? It is of one receives the awards one paid for. 

Those uncool people are not evil. Idiots cannot help themselves. The development simply proves that money makes character out of order, the character of triathlon. Greetings to all the consumers. "Thank you" for putting money onto the mills of the monitarian monsters. This way this is what you become: monster. It is exactly the opposite of what triathlon was constructed for. This way you will never feel the spirit of (triathlon) sport and never have a positive identifications with values.

Nowadays one must be careful to mention to be on tri - as of all the clowns, commerce and capitalisation.

A very warm welcome to new readers of this blog from Africa. No matter what happens it is not what you have, and it will never be. It is whom you are - or like we say in Germany as well: the last shirt does not have pockets. 

Sport in its political function is designed to be a diplomat, sport is made to build bridges, onto the national, international and intercultural level. Our sport is made to gather people to be all part of the same family sharing same commen values. Today our sport seems to seperate people and part it into individuals with individual values. Why? As much more money can be made out of indivduals than made out of communities. 

[edit (at) SAT 3/24/17:
In the enumeration it has been forgotten to mention: my bike-fitter. Very important. A bike-fitter is needed, 100% true, 300 US $ pay off an hour, regularily. Why? As of the idiots. Who are: A) too stupid to choose and buy a bike by one´s own considerations, thus a bike-fitting is included in the sell of the bike B) are too stupid to adjust and calibrate a bike and C) are too stupid to handle a bike, unfortunatelly.]

Sunday, December 4, 2016

preview season 2017 & review last season

My training for the ongoing season starts tomorrow. First competition is a 4-round course, 3k each. On 6th of January. There might be some further run-competitions in spring a long 10k before in Mai triathlon season starts to be competed.  

+++ May: triathlon in Weiden +++ June: triathlon in Kallmünz +++ 25.7. Rothsee-Triathlon (registered) +++ August: 13.8. Challenge Regensburg (registered, German Championships) along the 226k +++ in November: IM Cozumel / IM Langkawi (pending) +++ 

Up to now I do not know according to Joe Friel and his book called triathletes' bible, well, I really do not know up to now how fix A-, B- and C-priorities, although Ratisbon should be a fast race, maybe world record can de done there? It has 600 mtrs less elevation than world-record-course in Roth thus 600 mtrs of elevation in sum. Altogehter 600 participants are allowed to compete in 2017. Good I got registered on time and am at the start. For sure I try to be faster than in 2016. So, like every season a lot to do. 

To keep have fun in training and competition is still most of importance. However, I was very lucky in that kind of accident. I was lucky and am whole again all healed. Health and saftey are 1st priority. In sum it is questionable if '17 will be as fast as '16. 

Surprsinigly the bike-course of Challenge Ratisbon had beed made new. It is rather flat terrain 600mtrs of elevation to be done in three rounds. A 3-loop fast cousre, and this is, in my humble opinion, exactly what a German Mastery needs. 


As for the silde show thank you to the company of SAMSUNG for support an protection, thus the show is suitable for an international audience of all (age) groups.

Last season was a success. After a series of three times run 10k-races I was ranke 2nd in Kallmünz my age-group personal best also in 2:20 h min olypmic distance. Ranked 8th in my age-group at the triathlon at Rothsee, well, with 2:19 h min I was even faster, having fun there to run the 10k run-split in 39:56 min sec. My A-priority race was in Ratisbon in 2016, finally I was ranked 100th over all there. Last but not least my personal best along the 10k solo went down to 39:44 min sec late in season. A bike-accident made me stop to compete Frankfurt Marathon. All in all a successful year. Thank you to my sponsor and to those who pressed thumbs, friends, club-mates and acqaintances. 


Monday, November 7, 2016

winter time, silent time - time for politics

folks, dear readers, 

the blog empowers its political component.

as far as now this blog was used in concerns of triathlon mainly. the substantive in the german language is called „triathletisches“. the word refers to the life of triathletes, to succes in sport, to how to cope with challenges, defeats and injuries, it´s about private life, about friends and gathering at sport events not only. german readers must not be bothered, it is needed to explain terms as of the internationality of this blog and the attention it gets from all countries. from countries of the so-called first, second and third world, a division done by socio-economic-status. maybe the ranking must be turned upside-down, when satisfaction and happiness is the criteria to be meassured? 

up to now this blog gave some insight in a triathlete's life. time came to focus on the term 3athletisches as well. what a kind of term is it? the word is an alphanumeric one. what else to say? to use deduction, 3athletisches can be interpreted as a policitical function. thus, first of all i would like to underline the fact of the germans and germany is a democratic country. minorities are not discriminated anymore and the dignity of every human living here is proteced by law and the state of germany. dignity is defined the most highest virtue and principle and thus so paragraph one of the state‘s consitutionwhat to say about germany? people became calm and tolerant. germans are open to different opinion and to critizism and do fully accept all different kinds of religious confessions. everyone is allowed to free speech. the germans learned from the past and spend a lot of energy to make the world a peaceful one, and also healthy by switching to regenerative fuels. to make this going, the typical germans' all-to-day-life is still a busy one. germans work a lot. sure, the japanese people or the spanish meanwhile, too, do even work more eg. thus, the germans are said to be efficient, thinkers and scientists, german is said to be the language to be the most precise. efficiency and work are key competences and values to be upholded for triathlon, too. as you might like to compare that, this is reflected on the hawaiian islands this year, where the world three most best triathletes, who won gold, silver and bronze, are all germans.

germany overcame its nazi-past. today it is a country ruled by humanity, upholds human rights and principles of democracy. germany has made a change the last century. nowadays life is multicultural and foreigners are warmly welcomed. after world war two we had three big waves of immigration: from italy, from turkey, and recently from syria. but also people from russia, from the near east live here, or asians, too. by the way: the originial full born germans are in a minority meanwhile. 
ten years ago it has been guaranteed by law that everyone is protected and no one is allowed to be discriminated in any way, no matter of religion, genes, attitudes, sexual-oriantation, gender and age and so forth. everyone who does live here is a liberated person. nowadays, as of this context, one can say to be proud of be to german again. this goes along of what triathletes are supposed to be in general: people, who do respect everyone no matter who you are, where you come from or how much money you have, all equals, who want to go further.

sure, success must come gently, with a great deal of effort but without stress and obsession, valid for triathlon, but not only, of course.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

off season 2016

A long and good season is on it´s final meters. Today we have 2nd of October, the day before Germany´s famous holiday, a typically day, the time indian summer ends. There is a little rainfall and temperatures move slightly below 20° Celsius. Excellent conditions for running-competitions!

The week before there had been a rather famous race among locals along the 10.000k distance. In a field of 105 participants, with a time of 39:44 min, I was ranked 27th overall. Tactics went all right, and with k-splits of 3:47, 3:53, 3:50, 3:59, 4:00, 4:01. 4:05, 4:04, 4:03 and 3:57, well, the first half of the race I could save some seconds for to be sub fourty minutes finally. However, this cannot be the how-to at 30th of October in Frankfurt along the 42,195k. "Fleeing" will not work the marathon distance, hunting is said to be better. Anyway, the most important is to be among mates and to have a beer or two, also in Frankfurt, which will be a big race with 15-20000 starters. In Frankfurt, also known as Bankfurt or Mainhatten, some will be dressed like business-men in order to make a fun race out of it and to tease the banksters. 

update two weeks later: Not me! 

Today it is the 16th of October, and having had an accident for the third time in my life two days ago - such a kind of an accident which has to be... - well, when laying on the main-street I just wondered... ...of the why, why again! Secondly I percepted that all the important of the body is not damaged. I was lucky, really, thus the left side, knee, hip, ellow and shoulder had been knocked badly, only, face got also impact my sunglases is in three parts now, only. Not so the left little finger, that is broken. Having "kissed" the asphalt intensively, I managed to cycle home, 15 miles by me I myself, and went to the hospital. 

So that week-end it is decided to quit season and to quit Frankfurt Marathon. And it is okay. A really good season with a lot of peeks is finished and now it is time to regenerate. Sure, if a must, I could do go run marathon. But for what? 

It says: to be satisfied with what you have is true fortune.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!  CU in 2017!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Challenge Ratisbon 2016 - race report and data

It was a long and great week-end, a good race embedded in holiday-feeling. And also, besides all the great atmosphere, the race itself was joyful and fun.


When my group jumped into the water of Lake of Guggenberg, sun wasn´t yet up. I slept well the day and the days before, and ate a lot of carbohydrates, and was really ready to rock, although I did some really hard races from spring to summer already.

The first lap all went well, and after 1,9k athletes had to get out of the water to go run 150m on the shore, for to go enter the second loop in the water 22,5°C , thus wet-suits had been allowed to wear. After some time I got an evil shock, as of my transponder wasn't fixed propperly to my left feet anymore, so I had to make full-stop and refix it under water. I did propperly, however, after another 500-600m, the stripes became loose again, thus 2nd full stop and another diving action. I felt a little panic, as of loosing the transponder I wasn't sure as of if so I would get my first DNF ever. When the end of the swim-split came insight, I felt a little relaxed, kept pacing and overtook an athlete, who did beat at my head by his left fist/hand, thus a full stop 3rd time in order to rearange my aqua-mask (swim-glases). Finally I left the water at 1:06:43 h min sec according to my own clock. I felt ok, however a little disappointed, as I wanted to go swim 1:02 or 1:03 h min. Later, as of gps- data, we found out the swim course was 4.0k. That means minus three min, minus the time I needed to exit the lake and run the 150 meters at the shore in order to enter 2nd loop.


Transition 1 went ok. I wasn`t too fast, nor I wasn't too slow. However, when I wanted to start on my time trial bike, out of a sudden my watch being mounted on the bike did quit service. I tried to repair this, but that did not work but another 30 seconds extra. Thus, with the begin of the bike-split, I had no idea of speed, average-speed, kilometres and time. 


A litte irritated I started biking. The first 13k had been flat, then came the mountains with inclinations of 15% for longer. According to tactics I kept easy pace uphill, and at the peek there came k30-sign besides the road and my watch on my left hand showed 58min. Then downhill I speeded up, bevor the hilly part of the first loop of the bike-course followed. And that went pretty well, a collegue mentioned by this pace we might be at 5:10 h min in transition-zone 2. 
Bypassing lake of Guggenberg the racers of the fun-race had been on the course, and among them I turned right to Ratisbon with them, and not into the 2nd loop! After some time one of that fun racers told me I am wrong direction! And within a glimpse of an eye I recognized he´s right! U-turn, heading the mountains again thus second loop. Had been 1,5 extra kilometers and additional time. The climbs to do for a second time was surprisingly felt easy, however it become hot, so at the aid-station at mountain*s peek, I reloaded a lot: water, isotonic drinks, I took salt, engery gel and energy food, and a banana also. 
The hilly part was still easy to do, but then, at the k150-sign, somehow I lost power, back-pain started as of so many kilometers in aero-position and I wished the run-split might start right now. So the last 30k, especially the last 20k from lake of Guggenberg to Ratisbon had been really hard. When I entered transition-zone 2 my own clock registered 5:34 h min for the bike-split, that was 184km according to my info. Officially it are 182k. So, let`s take the offical version, then plus the 1,5 Kilometers I did extra, ok, this is 183,5 Kilometers for me, right, thus 5k more then the bike-course in Roth (178,6k), and with 1600 meters of elevation not an easy one. 
What to say? When I got off the bike I was okay with bike-split and happy to have left the bike, finally. 


Then, I took my time to change shoes, and get prepared for the run-split. A good idea to take my own packegs of 1g salt each in the back of my race-suit as of salt wasn't served at the run-course. This had been a rather difficult one, a four loops course through the inner city not only. A lot of locals, tourists and fans had been there and altough as of heat it was fun to run. 


The first 10k I went 49:55 min sec, felt easy for to go the same pace the second loop, and thus at the 21k-mark my own clock showed a time of 1:45 h min. Now I started calculation: so if I could keep that pace, I would really make a good race like 10:15 h min at the end. That meant I could run for the podium in my age-group! However, as of experience, I decided to take out speed a little. And maybe that had been a fatal error! I still felt easy, so for the 3rd lap I decided to be a lillte slower then in round 1 and 2 in order to accelerate in lap 4 again, to save some power for that. To my surprise I became slower and slower! And also bad now, there hadn´t been cola at the aid-stations. On the other hand, if I had kept pacing clocking 5min/k, may be I would have burned out?  This is what is needed to be analysed. 
Anyway, it became hard, heat devastation, a lot of athletes started walking and some quitted the race. The 4th lap was pretty hard and finally, after eternities, the last 200 meters had been ahead, close to the Dome of Saint Peter. A lot of people had been in the little stadium there, and with the music I started to dance to the beat, before onto the last 30meters I spread arms to imitate a landing plane, waving with it´s wings, before I happily crossed the finish-line.

My marathon was 4:04 finally, I planned to be 20 min faster within the marathon. However, as of the heat, it seems ok. Finally the clock stopped at 10:53:01 h min sec, and I became 100th overall.

Race after was great. A lot of nice people gathered, there was a many twaddling and smiles among athletes from 32 nations, on Monday at winner´s ceremony as well.

Last but not least, ty to the organizers for everything, esp. thank you very much to race directors Tom and Sonja Tajsich for having born a perfect triathlon!!! Good luck to you for next year! (*)

-- *when this race is location for the Europian Championships along the 226k. 

splits, click image to enlarge 

!Ratisbon likes me and I like Ratisbon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

welcome new readers

Having finished my 6th triathlon along the 226k successfully, this time in Ratisbon, well,

Ola to the people from Brazil. Allahu akbar to the Emirates. Nice to know my blog is read in Israel as well. Shalom. Hello to all the guys from France, hello to people from Poland and Slovenia, and walang anuman to the people from the Philippines again. Hi to Canada, last but not least.By the way thank you very much for the plenty of attention this blog gets from both  Ukrainians and Russians.  

picture taken race after at St.Peter Cathedral, Ratisbon central

Regards to a new friend from Mexico, guess next big one might be in Cozumel. We´ll see.

Still done, thus in short: top100 result, the event was perfectly organized. 

Race report and data will follow.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

fun competitions done

Like mentioned that week-end fun competitions had been shedulded. 

The first one was a relay team-competiton, both teams did well, being on the podium (2nd) and also top10 (9th place). For data go www: landkreislauf.de. Me, I did run round about 4,2k in 16:40 min sec, that´s an average of 3:55 min/sec a kilometer. Luckily that 7th leg was not too hard. First athletes had to run downhill, with inclination was pretty enough, so I needed to talk to DJ Diabolo, who had worn his head-phones to listen to his own mixes, in order to let me pass him by to be in second row. 

What about strategy? Only fun-competiton? Thus I asked our team-manager and he advised me to go for 10th place, and with to be the 9th that stage I did so my job, a hard run, as it became pretty hot and humid, after the course left shadowed areas to go right straight further to the finish-line besides an old channel-system for ship`s ahoy in the former centuries. Nowadays, we have the Rhine-Main-Danube-Channel-System that area, in which the swim-split of Datev Challenge Roth has been done, a great event this year also, with Jan Frodeno among, who made the fastest time ever along the 226k (7h 35 min). So the second-half of my leg was pretty hard, I needed to defend ranking.

After a beer without alcohol in (alkoholfrei) and twaddling with finishers, also orga-team and friends, well, pretty busy a new friend and me walked back to the village of where the start had been, and I drove back to the local pool to be a part of the pilot, to reach the second fun-competition, the swim&chess duathlon I mentioned. 
All I can say out of my role in this is to mention openings. And all I want to say is we didn´t talk about gambit. It wasn`t the day of battle-simulation, we had a real hard situation in Munich, as you can see of the GSG9, the German anti-terror unit, that was needed to be launched. 

Concerning relay, both teams had been honored by the opportunity of a local feast in a big tent, a nice gathering of many athletes. Politicans did well not to cancel that traditional and really pretty well organised sport-event esp. the closing-ceremony. We all agreed on life goes on and had a good time. However, not so easy to forget what happened. I also twaddled with guy from security-business, who`s company secured the feast like it is usual at those feasts country-side, and he confirmed of the politicians desicion was right, as there had not been a warning for Northern Bavaria, however, some of his collegues had been sent to the South of.  

Today IRONMAN Switzerland is done in Zurich, the most little cosmopolitian-city of the world like people from Zürich say so. Also me, well, Zürich is, a very nice town. Nice memories, but not only.

Oh dear! The Ironman Switzerland wasn´t the only event that week-end,  
picture is from Saturday before race-day, Zurich inner city, July 2011 

Last but not least build-phases are complete, almost, so with the next week tapering starts.